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NEW! Halo Retreat, Alnwick
Waggonway Road, Alnwick Tel: 01665 799316 Email: info@haloretreat.com Web: www.haloretreat.com
Opening Hours: Monday – Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10am – 76m Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 10am – 4pm Halo Retreat Salt Room & Wellness "A holistic approach to wellness" Amanda & Sean are both meditation teachers with various holistic modalities. It has been a long-term vision of theirs, to create a RETREAT that allows all who enter the space to embody and embrace all aspects of self, taking you into a remembrance of self-love to nurture who you truly are. Halo Retreats Offerings include individual or group bookings, and they also offer half day retreat packages:- Halotherapy (also known as dry salt therapy), produces micro-particles of salt in the air. Its temperature- controlled environment replicates the beneficial properties of salt mines. Halotherapy is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratorysystem, improving the function and appearance of the skin, boosting the immune system and relaxation. Zen Den – Our tranquil setting allows you to relax instantly in your individual booth removing all external distractions and turns your focus within. Pop on your headphones and select from our catalogue of meditations. Soul Journey room - You will be surrounded by the elements and minerals of nature, whilst taken on an expansion visual journey of soul connection, working with crystals and sound & colour.• Chakra Bar -The self-serve chakra bar, a space to chillout in, where you can Nourish the body with our chakra, herbal teas, tonics & elixirs. Retail -Take your retreat home - We have a collection of organic, eco products, all sourced ethically. Our ethos focuses on a natural way of living, and a balanced lifestyle.
Your half day retreat will allow you the space to receive deep healing, clearing and cleansing throughout your Mind Body and Soul Are you looking to escape from the daily pressures of life, and ready to embrace a new way to be..... Are you looking to taking time out, so the physical body can heal and be still...... Are you looking for a unique space to retreat into. Whether you are looking for one session or a half day retreat, Amanda & Sean look forward to welcoming you into Halo Retreat, where you will be supported on your journey…………
The Chakra Bar
For further information and bookings please contact: Halo Retreat, Alnwick Tel: 01665 799316